"Going From Pain 2 Power becomes your choice."

     December, 1997.
As I waited outside for my son to arrive, a car drove up and informed me that I needed to go to the hospital; that my son was hurt.  As a parent, you have an internal system that makes you aware that something is wrong.  At that very moment I realized my son was dead and because of my work, I knew I would be another parent traveling on the path from pain to power and this would become my journey.

That journey, as I realized in days to come, was a journey that many had taken before me.  And as many have traveled that journey, most have felt very alone, very hurt, very guilty, very angry at self and God.  Most had no outlet to tell their story or a process to turn their pain into power.  From Pain 2 Power was created to provide that outlet. 

I developed a 10-step program that would allow individuals to address their pain whether it was the loss of a loved one, the loss of a home, a relationship, or a loss of self-love.  The website will allow you to tell your story.  It will also allow you the ability to read and connect with others who are experiencing pain, with and those who have taken the steps to turn their pain into power. 

From Pain 2 Power will take you from Step One:  Admitting Your Pain  to  Step Ten:  Understanding You Are Not Alone. 

Between the loss of my son and the loss of my mother and sharing the pain of many others nationally and internationally, the stage of not realizing that I was not alone was one of the best healing mechanisms that helped my heart and soul.

Welcome to the website and the family of From Pain 2 Power.  I hope that the live chats, the webinars, the books and workshops will create a path that will allow you not only to love yourself, but also forgive yourself and give you the strength to go From Pain 2 Power.

Peace and much love,
Ako Abdul-Samad